The companion for every string player

Never loose your mute again!

The BECH Magnetic Mute is the no. 1 companion for every string player. Its integrated magnet connects the mute to the tail piece. It doesn’t rattle, sounds great, and is ready when you need it!

For violin, viola & cello


Easy to use

An integrated magnet connects the mute to a clip on the tail piece.

This allows the player to engage and disengage the mute quickly, even when the music composition allows little time.

It keeps the mute in place, reduces risk of loss, and avoids any unwanted resonating noise.

Highest quality of sound

A combination of acoustic design, hi-tech rubber and magnetic ingenuity ensures the highest quality of sound.

The Bech Magnetic Mute allows the voice of the instrument to resonate even while muted which ensures the highest quality of sound.

Disengaged and clipped to the tailpiece, any unwanted vibration noises are avoided.


The Bech Magnetic Mute is a breakthrough in mute technology.

The hi-tech rubber is engineered for durability and lasting flexibility. This guarantees a continuing good fit on the bridge.

The unique design prevents string abrasion, stickiness, and rosin contamination.

How to use?

Violin / viola

  • Bend the clip until it fits securely on the tailpiece.
  • Place the mute between the strings and attach to clip with magnet.
  • Easily slide the mute on/off the bridge when needed!
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  • Afix the self-adhesive pad to the tailpiece with top slightly above strings.
  • Place mute between strings and attach to pad with magnet.
  • Easily slide the mute on/off the bridge when needed!

Bech Magnetic Mutes are used by the world’s leading solo artists, professional orchestras, chamber ensembles & amateur musicians.

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