Invented by Terry Bech

The Bech Magnetic Mute was invented by Terry Bech, a professional violinist with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in The Netherlands.

As an orchestra player in the 1980’s he was unsatisfied with the sound quality and vibration noises of traditional mutes. Thus, he started developing his own.

In-depth research & patent

After in-depth research and extensive experimenting with the right type of rubber and magnets, he obtained the patent for Bech Magnetic Mutes (now expired). In practise, he demonstrated that a professional orchestra improves its overall sound quality while muted when a majority of string players use the Bech Magnetic Mutes.

Proven quality for over 30 years

For over 30 years, Terry has manufactured and sold Bech Magnetic Mutes to wholesale companies all over the world. As a result, thousands of string players have been enjoying his quality product up to today. In 2023 he transferred his business to Certo Productions. This secures that the Bech Magnetic Mute will be available for future generations.

The Bech Magnetic Mute has been the de facto standard among the world’s leading string players for over 30 years.